Deploying capital at scale to finance the modern-day infrastructure revolution.


How We Work

Investments into energy assets and real estate create economic growth in communities, energy independence, and drives an incredible environmental impact across the globe. We know the immense capital needs that solar developers, utilities, and commercial offtakers have when pursuing new renewable energy generation projects. We focus on both financing and acquiring mostly solar assets across the globe with credit stable energy off-takers.


Investment Criteria 

  • Solar assets, development assets, real estate, and complementary companies 
  • Investments into solar projects range from small commercial to utility scale projects around $500M+
  • Assess investments on a cashflow, OPEX, and risk basis rather than solely focusing on an IRR 
  • Geographically neutral and will assess projects and assets across the globe
  • Finances and acquires assets at all stages of development but ideally seek to purchase projects at Commercial Operation Date (COD) or Fully Operating Assets. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What countries do you invest in?

We have a global footprint and are willing to assess investments across the globe to weigh out the creditworthiness of the offtaker (utility, company, country, municipality, etc.) to establish if the project fits within our risk profile.  

How far along in the development process do you purchase solar assets at?

We ideally want to invest in solar projects at NTP, COD, or as an operating asset. We have development capabilities to take on early-stage projects. Our willingness to take them is a matter of our risk tolerance at the time of taking on the project. 

Do you pursue tax equity partnerships?

Internally we have the tax appetite to monetize the majority of the eligible tax credits and depreciation benefits. We can and have brought in tax equity partners once we fully utilize our internal tax appetite. Reach out to our President Andrew Breiter-Wu at to discuss this further. 

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